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August 6, 2017

The biggest mistake I’ve made in my business so far


For sometime now, I’ve been seriously contemplating changing the name of my business. I’ve gone back and forth about the possible problems, benefits, opportunities and challenges that rebranding may lead to, and after months of internal debate, I’ve decided it’s time.

Time not simply for a name change, but time to invest. Not the big-bucks, big-risks, put-all-of-your-savings-on-the-line type of investing. Personal investing. Investing in me.

Though I’m ashamed to admit it, when I began this business in 2015, I was SO afraid. Afraid of the criticisms that might come from not being good enough. From not having formal training in photography. From not having any knowledge on how to run my own company. From anything and everything.

​I realize now that (constructive) criticism should be encouraged. It means people are taking notice of my work. That they feel compelled to comment on it. That I have an opportunity to learn from what they have to say and to GROW from their feedback.

My fears of 2015 prevented me from putting my name on my business, and instead led me to hide behind an arbitrary word that had some meaning to me, but didn’t tell anyone who I was.

I’m a dreamer. I’m a hustler. I’m a life-long learner. I’m a caring and compassionate friend, mama and wife. I’m a creative spirit. I’m Kelsey, and I’m a photographer.

​Not having my name on my business is by far the biggest professional mistake I have made so far. And it’s time to correct it.

I’m THRILLED to share my new name and brand with everyone out there who has been a part of my journey so far, and with all those who I will serve in the future.

Why “Marie Kelsey”?
I know, I know. My name is Kelsey Marie. BUT – do you have any idea how many “Kelsey Marie Photography” businesses there are out there? (hint, hint: search it on Facebook or Google and you’ll be overwhelmed!) So I went with Marie Kelsey instead because it’s unique, elegant and is still true to exactly who I am.

What’s your new web address? What are your new social media handles? How do I keep up to date with you now?!
My new URL is mariekelsey.com, but don’t worry – I’ll have a redirect set up from my old web address for a while so if you type it in the old way you’ll still get where you want to go!
My new Facebook and Instagram handles are @mariekelseyphoto. My profiles are still the same, so if you were already following me, you should still get updates!


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