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September 19, 2016

Julia + Howie | Marquette, Michigan

Howie is an 11 or 12 year old shepherd mix who Julia adopted from UPAWS 5 years ago. I met the pair on a a gorgeous Sunday morning in Marquette at the Tourist Park trail head (the dog park) for a walk through the woods.

Prior to our session, Julia let me know that in her experience Howie had always been a little camera shy. I was so impressed by how much he smiled throughout our entire time together!

On our walk, I asked Julia what prompted her to get photos of them together. I learned that they would be relocating to Ann Arbor within the month and that she wanted to capture some of their favorite Marquette activities prior to moving. It’s my hope that these images will always be a great way to remember where their story started as they move on to their next chapter.



Howie’s new friend was named “Tuff”. He was such a cutie!



Julia was so confused why Howie kept sniffing her shirt. “I just bought this!” Then she realized she had treats in her pocket!


I was absolutely in love with the bowtie collar Howie was wearing for our session from Target. I learned that it wasn’t special a special outfit for his photo shoot, but that he actually wears it all of the time. As soon as I got in the car to drive to our next location, I immediately added new collars for my own pups to my shopping list.



Howie loves to have his head out the window of the car, so I stayed behind as Julia drove to the beach to try and capture a couple of shots. His smile was priceless!



Howie was exhausted from our walk by the time we got to the beach. He had to lie down on the sand for a while and take a rest!


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