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August 25, 2016

Kailey’s Senior Pictures, Day 2 | Marquette, Michigan

After completing her first senior picture shoot with me several weeks back, Kailey and her mom decided they wanted to add another location – one that was near and dear to their hearts. On the morning of our shoot, I was worried we would have to reschedule due to the rainy skies that hung over the day. Luckily, just an hour before we were supposed to meet that evening, the clouds lifted, revealing the most beautiful golden rays of sun.

I met Kailey at her grandmother’s old home where the mouth of the Chocolay Rivers spills out into Lake Superior. It was a gorgeous setting to capture some very special images that her family will always treasure.

(To see the photos from our first day of shooting, visit this blog post!)

Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7438Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7451Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7496Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7518Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7531Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7541Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7632Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7636Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7641Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7653Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7654Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7709Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7790Kailey's Sr Pictures_Day 2-7961

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